You trade.

We build trust.

Blockchain golden records to optimise
post-trade in capital markets

Synchronised data by design
Self-executing trades
Reconciliation-free, break-free
Regulatory secured

Private Blockchain

Data synchronisation by design and fully automatic trade
execution is the next level the industry needs to reach to
unlock value in OTC market operations.

You focus on value creation in trading derivatives and
fragmos chain optimises your post-trade operations.
Thanks to fragmos chain blockchain golden records, your
data in your private distributed ledger is the same as your
counterparty’s - by design. Trades self-execute through
Smart Contracts. Your post-trade process is
reconciliation-free and break-free. Your regulatory reports
are performed properly and consistently.

Our distributed ledger and smart contract solution is based
on state-of-the-art private blockchain infrastructure
provided by industry leaders.

We support any API and data model format.

Proof Of Concept

Our Ethereum Parity-based Proof of Concept has been
developed for Interest Rate Swaps. The PoC illustrates
how processes are streamlined from trade capture and
confirmation to coupon payments and regulatory

We are an experienced team of leading
financiers and technologists

Daniel Ivanier

Founder & CEO

École Polytechnique, École des Mines

20-year experience in Corporate &
Investment Banking

C-level Front-Office, IT & Operations and
Regulatory positions

Dexia, Société Générale, Exane BNP Paribas

Philippe Redaelli


ESSEC MBA, Master of Laws (LLM)

20-year experience in building exchanges
in Derivatives and Energy markets

C-level platform design, development &

Euronext, Powernext, EPEX spot

Vincent Jugé


ESIEA, CNAM master

15-year experience in software engineering & technical architecture

Innovation projects in finance
Blockchain expert


Charles Kremer

Blockchain Advisor


15-year experience in engineering of
complex & innovative solutions

Successfully built up and led IRT SystemX
Blockchain R&D department

PSA, Thales, Blockchain Xdev

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