Fragmos Chain platform is built upon APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) developed as Smart Contracts on Corda.
These APIs allow to solve breaks for all OTC products, eliminate paper and produce legally binding confirmations


Why Blockchain? Why Private Blockchain, aka Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT?

  1. Security: your data are exchanged securely and in real-time with your counterparties
  2. Immutability: your data cannot be tampered with
  3. Privacy: only you can access your data stored in your Corda node. Nobody else, not even Fragmos Chain
  4. Environmental soundness: no mining

by R3 is the reference blockchain technology for Capital markets

  1. R3’s bank and finance ecosystem: R3’s Partner Program includes 408 partners, of which 88 financial institutions
  2. Alignment with ISDA CDM architecture
  3. Legal-proof: “a derivatives transaction that is documented on a DLT platform is admissible as evidence in the courts”, particularly for a platform based on “a Corda distributed ledger” (ISDA)
  4. Complementarity with other Corda initiatives, such as settlement, collateral management and asset tokenisation



Fragmos Chain is the only CDM-native platform

What is the CDM?

  • The CDM or Common Domain Model is the new standard data model for OTC financial transactions.
  • It was created by the ISDA in 2017, now also fostered by the ICMA and the ISLA


  • Bijective comparison between trades booked by both counterparties, irrespective of their own internal booking system and data model.
  • X-asset, X-features: all asset classes, all lifecycle events
  • Natively aligned with ISDA legal documentation

Fragmos Chain is a leading contributor to CDM through ISDA CDM working groups and FINOS (Fintech Open Source Foundation)


Symphony chat rooms have been integrated in its platform to accelerate the detection, analysis and correction of discrepancies. They enhance user experience through an omnichannel communication.

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